Devikaa Tea is an ISO 22000:2005 certified company for distributing and trading of tea in India.

Founded in 2018, we are a Pune based company who aims to deliver high quality tea to our clients. We do not master in manufacturing tea, but supplying them to different vendors.

Initially, set up to promote orderly growth in the tea sector, we have evolved into a forward thinking organization incisively reading industry trends, encouraging innovative thought, benchmarking best practices and our adoption in the industry -- thereby serving as a strong bridge between various segments of the tea industry and trade.

All our services have been designed with a customer centric approach, which has led to more engagement of the customers. From supplying tea to local grocery stores, to hotels and airlines, we are looking forward to emboss our mark in other sectors. We intend to grow in the distribution and trading business through consolidation and modernization of its existing

business by enabling it to reach to the highest level of economic viability. We want to imprint our goodwill and brand by launching various value added products in the Indian market. The ultimate goal of the company is to become a "one stop shop for anything related to tea".


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Our mission is to be able to deliver high quality tea products which are 100% safe and natural. To extend our services to every citizen of this country so they can enjoy a tea that is 100% natural and healthy.

Our mission is to build a strong network as wholesale traders for new distributors and giving them an enormous platform to work on. We treasure our relationships with the distributors & resellers and to create dynamic businesses. We have set out on the venture of reaching every part of the world and presenting the amazing taste of Indian Chai.

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Our vision is to set up Devikaa villas, Devikaa stores & lounges and manufacture Devikaa’s own brand of tea across the country.


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